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My name is Tímea Várvölgyi dr., I am a lawyer. I graduated at the University of Szeged in the Faculty of Law in 2001. I received the diploma of the Master of the EU Law in the same year. I took my bar exam in 2005 with cum laude rating.

I worked more year in the field of international economy. I am the member of the Budapest Bar Association from 15th of July 2019. As an employed lawyer I gained professional experiences in the law firms dealing with civil law and I was able to insight in the fields of contracts, company law and the litigations of claims.

I worked as an independent lawyer from 1st of February 2021. My law firm is in Budapest, in a easily accessible place.

Dr Várvölgyi Tímea ügyvéd

In the field of civil law I handled primary with real estate related law (purchasing, condominium, inheritance) , company law, and legal questions related to the business associations (claims, labour law, data protection etc,).

I outline the possible legal solution for individuals and SME’s aiming the customer-driven practical and optimal legal solution, which is understandable for everybody. My aim is that my customers will receive individual, personalised service and they will absolutely satisfy with my legal services.

I make effort to the common work with my clients will be smooth and the mutual trust which is the base of the counsel’ brief will be developed as early as possible. I speak fluently English and French.
If you have any legal questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Real estate law

sale, condominium matters, inheritance law, etc.

Company law

claims management, labor law, data protection, etc.


practical and comprehensible legal solutions


smooth, joint work based on mutual trust

areas of expertise

Real estate law

For private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, I undertake the full management of legal transactions related to real estate (residential real estate, industrial real estate and agricultural land, land, etc.), including the editing, countersigning, reviewing of other documents legal representation of my clients in proceedings before the authorities. It is possible to sign contracts not only in person, but also online by remote identification and remote signature.

Dr Várvölgyi ház bírói kalapáccsal

Company law

Would you start a new company or modify an existing one?
For small and medium-sized enterprises, I undertake legal advice, company formation, change registration procedure, and legal assistance in the field of receivables management on the basis of a permanent assignment or a framework contract or ad hoc assignment. In connection with the listed areas of law, I prepare the necessary documents, contracts and regulations, and I undertake to comment on and update existing documents, as well as to provide ongoing legal support and full legal representation.

Labour law

I undertake to provide legal advice to businesses as well as their employers and employees, including matters relating to employment and agency contracts, employment relationships and termination, and employment liability, as well as litigation.

Dr Várvölgyi Tímea jogi tanácsadás

Data Protection (GDPR) and e-commerce

For small and medium-sized enterprises, sole proprietorships and condominiums, I provide legal advice on data protection on an ad hoc or permanent basis, drafting and reviewing data protection regulations in accordance with the applicable GDPR provisions, and preparation and review of legal documents (GTC and regulations).

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"In an effort to find the optimal legal solution for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, I outline possible legal solutions in a customer-focused, practical and understandable way for everyone."

dr. Várvölgyi Tímea

Dr Várvölgyi Tímea ügyvéd

Attorney's fees

Act LXXVIII of 2017 on the activity of a lawyer. According to the law, a lawyer is entitled to a commission fee and reimbursement of expenses for the performance of his or her activities. The commission fee is always the subject of a free agreement between the parties.

The governing chamber regulations and guidelines do not allow the publication of a fee schedule on my website.

The amount of the lawyer’s fee is determined in each case – keeping in mind the details of the case, after prior consultation with the client, which is influenced by the value and complexity of the case, the scope of the lawyer’s assignment and the degree of lawyer’s liability. .

Before concluding an attorney’s contract, I give my clients a unique quote, so I always agree in advance and accurately with all the expected costs and expenses with the clients.

I undertake to provide legal services with three types of pricing:

Hourly rate

a wage set at a percentage (%) commensurate with the value of the case

fixed or monthly flat rate construction (in case of standing order)

In the case of an hourly rate agreement, I will inform my clients in advance of the foreseeable time required to complete the task.

The fee for the first personal consultation will be included in the total lawyer’s fee in the case of an order.
In all cases, the lawyer’s fee is invoiced VAT-free.

If you would like to know the amount of expected attorney’s fees and other costs related to your personal case, please feel free to contact me on the contact details on the website.


1147 Budapest, Fűrész utca 30-32. I/7.

1143 Budapest, Szobránc utca 3-5. III./6.